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Real Lives Series

The Young ELI Readers/Real Lives series expands to include a collection of Children True Stories. It means that children from different and not so well known Countries tell ELI students about their daily life and Countries.




• 4 introductory pages of information and curiosities about the country the children are from, allow the young learners to get to know the main characteristics and interesting aspects of the country.

• Stunning and authentic photos invite the reader into the children’s world, their family and their everyday life

• an authentic story lets the reader become familiar with other cultures and different ways of living, while having fun

• a cooperation between ELI and an NGO (non-governmental organization) for each Book: ELI donates parts of the proceeds for relevant development and aid projects

• final pages of activities, including tasks dealing with 21st Century Skills, help pupils to revise and analyse the story with a critical thinking approach, to compare cultures dealing with a great amount
of information, to solve problems creatively while working in teams or small groups

• a Video Cartoon adds a digital dimension to reading in class, with an IWB, or at home on the PC. With the Video Cartoon children follow fun animations of the story, listen to the recording with a ‘karaoke’ function, do engaging, interactive and autocorrecting exercises, and much more.



Awards for innovation in English language teaching

REAL LIVES Series is a finalist in the 18th British Council ELTons Awards


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