Uncle Jack and the Bear Adventure

Jane Cadwallader Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali 

Uncle Jack and the Bear Adventure

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853635013
CEFR Level A1.1
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Adventure

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Join Uncle Jack, Berta and the children on this action-packed adventure and learn something about sharing the world with animals on the way.

Uncle Jack and the children were relaxing in their garden when there was a call from Berta Black, Uncle Jack’s friend from Alaska. She was phoning about a bear problem. Berta Black had a simple plan to save the bears, but that was before some thieves arrived!

Vocabulary areas
The home, sports and leisure, food
Grammar and
Past simple regular and irregular forms
Verb + infinitive
Verb + ing
Infinitive of purpose, Adverbs, Relative
Wait a minute!
Look! There it is!
What’s that?
Oh no!
That’s a fantastic idea!
Let’s do it!
Hello! Welcome to …
How exciting!
Can you … please?

Caring about nature and the environment |Adventures 


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