The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Retold by Claire Moore. Illustrated by Alessandro Pugiotto.

ISBN: 9788853631923
CEFR Level A1
Genre: Classic
Theme: Family

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“We don’t stop at any towns for days and days. We just keep going down the river.”
This is the story of Huckleberry Finnand his adventures on the Mississippi river. Huck’s father kid-naps him from his new life with a kind old lady called Widow Douglas, and hides him in a hut. Huck escapes and goes down the river. He meets Jim, a black slave, and they travel down the river together. We read about their adventures and troubles, and how they meet Tom Sawyer again.
Vocabulary Areas
Home, Family, Nature, Colours,
Grammar and Structures
Simple Present: states and habits -
Present Continuous: actions in progress
- Future forms: Pre-sent Continuous,
going to, will - Can: ability - Must:
obligation - Have to: necessity - Will:
offers, predictions – Adjectives -
Prepositions (place, time) – Pronouns
- Question Words - Relative Clauses -
There is/There are - Verbs + infinitive/
ing - When clauses
In this Reader you will find:
Information about Mark Twain’s life | Focus On section:
The Mississippi River, Slaves | Glossary of difficult words |
Comprehension and extension activities
Family | Love | Friendship | Society

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