Gyeong Min Kim: My Korea

Silvana Sardi 

Gyeong Min Kim: My Korea

ISBN: 9788853635037
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Real Lives
Theme: Friendship

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Gyeong Min Kim is a teenager who lives in Korea.

He once played his violin in an orchestra but now he only plays for fun. Then one day a friend tells him about a competition and… Read Gyeong Min’s story and find out about his family, his dreams, how he spends his days and
the many traditions that make Korea a fascinating country full of culture.


Family – Friends – Traditions - Music
Positive and negative imperative forms
Present simple and present continuous
Past simple and past continuous
Present perfect simple
Future with present continuous, going to
and will
Can, have to, need, should, would, like,
may, shall
Common phrasal verbs
Passive forms – present and past simple
Comparative and superlative forms

Tradition | Family and Friends | Dreams


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