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Naoko, My Japan

Illustrated by Marta Pantaleo.

Stage 2 A2 | Pre-intermediate Flyers/Key (KET) | Real Life

ISBN: 97888-536-2642-4
CEFR Level: A2
Theme: Friendship

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Have you ever been to Japan?
Read the story of Naoko, a Japanese girl and discover all kinds of interesting things about this beautiful country. Naoko will show you how she spends her day, both at home and at school and what they do in Japan on special holidays. You’ll also meet her family and friends and she’ll tell you all her secrets!
Positive and negative imperative forms
Present simple and present continuous
Past simple and past continuous
Present perfect simple
Future with going to and will
Can, have to, need, must, would like
Common phrasal verbs
Passive forms – present and past simple
Adjectives Comparative and superlative forms
In this Reader you will find:
Cultural boxes | Glossary of difficult words | An audio recording of the story | Authentic photos
Traditions | Family | Friends
97888-536-2642-4 -
Gabriele Rebagliati

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