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Alexander Hope

The Prisoner of Zenda

Adaptation and activities by Elizabeth Ferretti

Young Adult ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853617569
CEFR Level: B2
Theme: Adventure

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‘It’s a risk, but you look so like him, I’m sure no one will suspect you’re not the real King.’
English gentleman, Rudolf Rassendyll, travels to the small European country of Ruritania. When the king disappears, Rudolf must take his place. Will our hero find a way to rescue the king from his evil brother?
Present perfect continuous. Past perfect simple and continuous, Future continuous, Future perfect would for willingness/refusal, Third conditional, Wish, If only, Used to and would Phrasal verbs, All passive forms, Contrast between continuous and simple tenses, the Gerund.
Sentence types:
Relative clauses: embedded, defining, Responses with so/neither/nor, Emphatic structures with what, Complex sentences, with a variety of sub-clauses.
9788853617569 - Alexander Hope

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