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Elizabeth Ferretti

The Earthkeepers

Illustrated by Lorenzo Conti.

STAGE 3 1000 headwords | B1 | Preliminary |Original

ISBN: 97888-536-2650-9
CEFR Level: B1
Theme: Nature

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When five young people in Berlin receive a mystery invitation, they begin an adventure that takes them to Greenland, Rwanda, South Africa and South America.
It’s an adventure that makes them some important friends... and a few enemies. Will the five find a way to help the Earth? Will the world listen to the “Earthkeepers”?
Pronouns Reflexive and emphatic: myself, etc - Relative: who, which, that - Reciprocal: each other
Prepositions Prepositions following nouns and adjectives: put on, take out of, work at, pay for, etc
Connectives when, while, until, before, after; because, since, as, for; so that
Verb tenses Present Continuous: future plans and activities, present actions
Past Perfect Simple
Modal verbs can’t: logical necessity - could: ability (was able to/managed to), possibility, polite requests - might (present and future reference): possibility, permission - must: logical necessity and obligation - had to: obligation - should: (present and future reference): moral obligation, advice
In this Reader you will find:
Information about Global pollution | A glossary of difficult words | Comprehension activities
Adventure | Nature | Places
97888-536-2650-9 -
Elizabeth Ferretti

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