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Jane Cadwallader

PB3 and the Vegetables

Young ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853631282
CEFR Level: A1
Theme: Social Issues

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‘They don’t have apples Potatoes or beans Or even a pea. They don’t have pears. They don’t have grapes. Poor Robin and PB3!’
When Fred helps a friendly extraterrestrial, PB3, and his robot, Robin, to buy Earth fruit and vegetables he doesn’t know that some sticky
substance from outer space will come to his rescue and punish a school bully.
Vocabulary areas
Fruit and vegetables, colours
Grammar and structures
Present simple, Present progressive,
Possessive adjectives, Can / can’t,
There is / There are, Question words:
what? / why?, Conjunctions: and / but,
Prepositions of place
Friendship | Adventure |
Human Interest
9788853631282 - Jane Cadwallader

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