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William Shakespeare 


Adaptation and activities by Janet Borsbey and Ruth Swan

Young Adult ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853606624
CEFR Level: B1
Theme: Social Issues

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‘There’s daggers in men’s smiles’ (Act II, Sc. III) Tag Ambition Power
In this Reader you will find: - Focus on… - PET-style activities - Glossary of difficult words - Exit Test - Comprehension activities - A section focussing on CLIL Physical Geography Scotland in the eleventh century.
Macbeth is a brave general, loyal to King Duncan and to Scotland. Until, that is, he meets three evil witches after a battle against King Duncan’s enemies. They tell him that one day he, Macbeth, will be King of Scotland. This is the beginning of a story of ambition and evil, involving him and his calculating wife, Lady Macbeth. What follows leads them to terrible violence, murder, madness and ultimately to their own destruction.
9788853606624 - William Shakespeare 

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