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Retold by Lisa Suett

Little Red Riding Hood

Illustrated by Elena Prette

Stage 1 100 headwords | below A1 | Starters | Fairy Tales

ISBN: 9788853631176
CEFR Level: Below A1
Theme: Love

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‘I’m sorry, Grandma. Mummy is right. It isn’t safe to stop in the woods,’ says Little Red Riding Hood.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest. Her name was Little Red Riding
Hood. One day, Little Red Riding Hood visits her grandma in the woods where she meets a big bad wolf.
Look out, Little Red Riding Hood! Does Little Red Riding Hood get to grandma’s house? Let’s read and see!
Vocabulary areas
Animals in the wood, the face and body, colours
Grammar and structures
Present simple - Have got - There
is / There are - Question words:
Where / What / Who - Imperative -
Conjunctions: and / but - Adjectives
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | A Make it section |
A Let’s Act! section | An audio recording of the story and the song
Adventure | Safety | The woods
9788853631176 - Retold by Lisa Suett

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