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Jane Cadwallader

Granny Fixit and the Ball

Young ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853631121
CEFR Level: Below A1
Theme: Animals

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‘The small dog has the football!
The small dog has the football!
Granny Fixit, can you fix it?
Granny Fixit, can you fix it?
Can you get the ball for Paul?’
In this Reader you will find:
- Games and language activities
- An audio recording of the story and the song
- A picture dictionary
A hilarious adventure with Granny Fixit, a magic bag and a ball.
This is a story about Granny Fixit and a boy who loses his ball. There’s a skateboard chase through the town when a dog, a cat and then a squirrel take the ball.  Can Granny Fixit get the ball back for the boy?
9788853631121 - Jane Cadwallader

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