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Anna Claudia Ramos

Expedition Brazil

Teen ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853617446
CEFR Level: B1
Theme: Friendship

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Niara, Yoshi and Gunnar are the lucky winners of a trip to Brazil. Follow them while travelling around this country.
While making a documentary about the country, they will visit the largest city in South America, São Paulo, the unbelievable capital, Brasília, lovely Rio de Janeiro, and two natural wonders of the world, the wetlands of Pantanal and the great Amazon rainforest. Nothing could ever prepare these three friends for the new experiences they are about to have.
Vocabulary areas
Present Simple: states, habits - Past Simple: finished time - Past Continuous: actions in progress at a specific time - in the past, interrupted actions - Present Perfect Simple: indefinite past, unfinished past - Past Perfect: narrative - Futures: will, present continuous, going to; Verb forms Imperatives - Passives: present, past simple, present perfect - -ing forms: after verbs, prepositions
9788853617446 - Anna Claudia Ramos

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