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Maureen Simpson

Destination Karminia

Teen ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853605153
CEFR Level: B1
Theme: Nature

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‘After a long, sweaty and exhausting climb the team   reaches the eastern peak of Ben Nevis. But a surprise is waiting for them when they reach the top…’
 In this Reader you will find: - Focus on… - Glossary of difficult words - Comprehension activities - PET-style activities - Test yourself - An audio recording of the story  
Tags Adventure Nature Friendship  
Young professor Peng is looking for archaeology  enthusiasts to help her in the search for the lost city of Karminia.  Are you ready to follow her and her friends in this fascinating adventure? On the summit of Ben Nevis, in the Scottish highlands, an ancient city is hidden away. It can only be revealed in  the sunlight. Three youngsters who are passionate  about archaeology are going to discover the mysterious  Karminia.
9788853605153 - Maureen Simpson

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